The Southeastern Surgical Congress was founded to provide opportunities for surgeons and surgeons in training to come together for educational, scientific, and social purposes to promote and advance the study and practice of surgery.

The Congress proposes to carry out this mission by holding an annual scientific meeting that consists of one or more postgraduate courses covering new techniques and technology for specific surgical topics plus a three-day plenary session that includes (1) prominent surgical authorities as invited speakers; (2) presentations with assigned discussers selected from a large number of abstracts; (3) current surgical research projects selected by competition; (4) surgical operative procedures by noted surgeons on video; (5) informal discussion groups at luncheon meetings; (6) specialty panels providing opportunities for active participation by the surgeons attending; (7) and a Poster Session covering a wide variety of general surgical topics, including discussion by a team of rounding professors.

At the annual meeting all papers and videos shall have assigned discussers to ensure that the topics are thoroughly covered and discrepancies in research are noted. Time will be allocated for discussion from the floor to increase audience participation.

Papers presented at the meeting will be submitted for peer review and then published, along with manuscripts independently submitted, in THE AMERICAN SURGEON, a journal owned and published by the Southeastern Surgical Congress.

The Congress is committed to assisting surgeons keep abreast of the new and emerging technologies, based on accepted recommendation or sound new research, to make surgery safer and more effective for patient care. The Southeastern Surgical Congress monitors impact on practice change by systematic assessment of meeting/course evaluations.

Adopted August 16, 2008.