2022-2023 Executive Committee

The Southeastern Surgical Congress Distinguished Service Award is the society’s highest honor and reflects the reverence in which the surgical community regards the individual. SESC recognizes the excellence and service of the recipient in all facets of the Congress – clinical expertise, education, fellowship and mentorship. This time honored tradition began in 1967 and is held in reserve for the individuals most worthy of the highest recognition from their peers.


1967 Alton Oschner New Orleans, LA

1968 Harvey Stone Baltimore

1969 Howard R. Mahorner New Orleans, LA

1971 Murray M. Copeland Houston, TX

1973 Curtis P. Artz Jackson, MS

1974 George H. Yeager Baltimore, MD

1975 J.D. Martin, Jr. Atlanta, GA

1976 HarwellWilson Memphis, TN

1978 J. Duffy Hancock Louisville, KY

1980 William S. McCune Petoskey, MI

1982 A. Hamblin Letton Atlanta, GA

1990 Arlie R. Mansberger, Jr. Augusta, GA

1992 Richard J. Field, Jr. Centreville, MS

1998 William E. Matory Washington, DC

2000 R. Benton Adkins Nashville, TN

2002 Talmadge A. “Joe” Bowden, Jr. Augusta, GA

2004 Jannette L. Crosby Atlanta, GA

2007 John E. Skandalakis Atlanta, GA

2010 Hiram C. Polk Louisville, KY

2011 R. Phillip Burns Chattanooga, TN

2012 Henry L. Laws, II Clanton, AL

2013 J. Patrick O’Leary Miami, FL

2014 John B. Hanks Charlottesville, VA

2015 J. David Richardson Louisville, KY

2017 KennethW. Sharp Nashville, TN

2018 Frederick L. Greene Charlotte, NC

2019 L.D. Britt Suffolk, VA

2020 Grace Rozycki Baltimore, MD

2021 David V. Feliciano Baltimore, MD

2023 David B. Adams Charleston, SC