Feliciano-Rozycki Historical Lecture

Previously named the SESC Historical Lecture, this year is the inaugural Feliciano-Rozycki Historical Lecture named after SESC past presidents, and spouses, dedicated to the growth and future of SESC and our mission. David Feliciano served as SESC President in 2016-2017, and Grace Rozycki served as SESC President in 2011-2012.

2024 John Sweeney MD | Emory Surgery at 100 Years: Impact on the Southeastern Surgical Congress

2023 Edward E. Cornwell III, MD | Asa Yancey MD FACS : A Quiet Giant in American Surgery

2022 Bryan Richmond MD | Everything Old is New Again: Applying Lessons From Halsted’s Life and Work to Today’s Surgical Landscape

2021  Richard J. Field III, MD | The Father of Vascular Surgery

2020  William O. Richards MD | Dean Warren The Father of Selective Shunts for Portal Hypertension

2019  Rebecca C. Britt MD | The Glove Made from Love: History of Surgical Attire

2018  Kevin E. Behrns MD | The American Surgeon: Documenting our Success

2017  David Adams MD | The Myths and Histories of Our Surgical Heroes: Who Actually Did the First Whipple?