Roger T. Sherman Lecture

This lecture is named for Dr. Roger T. Sherman to honor his contributions to the Congress, the field of surgery and trauma. Dr. Sherman became a member of the Congress while still a resident and presented one of the first Gold Medal Forum papers. He was President of the Congress in 1984-1985, and was named Secretary-Director in 1986. He served in that capacity until 1993. Dr. Sherman was Whitaker Professor of Surgery at Piedmont Hospital and Emory University School of Medicine when he retired in October 1997. Dr. Sherman passed away on April 9, 2006, at the age of 82.

2024 Ronald M. Stewart MD | Trauma System Development: The Importance of the Regional Medical Operations Center

2023 Joseph Sakran MD, MPH, MPA | How Healthcare Professionals Drive Social Change

2022 Mary Aaland MD | Through the Eyes of Dr. Sherman – “That 10%”

2021  Thomas Scalea MD | The Past, Present and Future of Endovascular Care for Trauma

2020  Edward E. Cornwell III, MD | Outcome Disparities After Trauma: We Know What We Don’t Know

2019  Martin A. Croce MD | The Evolution of Colon Wound Management

2018  Ronald V. Maier MD | Response to Injury and Stress: A Genomic Storm

2017  Amy J. Goldberg MD | Scoop and Run: It’s Not the Time that Matters

2016  Loring W. Rue III, MD | In Pursuit of the Holy Grail- Developing a Trauma System and Improving the Quality of Care

2015  M. Margaret Knudson MD | The Disaster Response Surgeon:  Lessons Learning from the Crash of Asiana Flight 214

2014  Lena M. Napolitano MD | Traumatic Hemorrhage Treatment: From Goal-Directed Resuscitation to REBOA

2013  John B. Hanks MD | Surgeon Burnout: A View from the American College of Surgeons Board of Governors Survey

2012  H. Leon Pachter MD | Acute Care Surgery: Conundrums Facing the General Surgeon

2011  J. Wayne Meredith MD | The Changing Face of Medicine – Health Care Reform

2010  Russell G. Postier MD | Maintenance of Certification: What It Is, Why It Exists, and Why It Is Good

2009  William C. Wood MD | Pre-Emptive Strikes: Prophylactic Surgery for Cancer

2008  Timothy C. Fabian MD | Advances in the Management of Blunt Thoracic Aortic Injury: Parmley to Present

2007  Hiram C. Polk Jr., MD | Surgical Quality and Safety: The Patient Comes First

2006  David V. Feliciano MD | For the Patient

2005  John G. Hunter MD | Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Esophagus

2004  LD Britt MD | The Trauma Profession: Current Threats & The Minimalist Approach

2003  J. David Richardson MD | Evolution in the Management of Hepatic Trauma

2002  Stanley J. Dudrick MD | Current Status of Parenteral Nutrition

2001  John L. Cameron MD | The Current Management of Pancreatic Cancer

2000  Knight A. Kiplinger | Trends in the Economics of Health Care

1999  C. James Carrico MD | Trauma: A Clinical, Biologic, and Public Health Challenge

1998  Rogerio A. Lobo MD | Comprehensive Post-Menopausal Management

1997  J. Alex Haller MD | The Current Status of Non-Operative Management of Blunt Abdominal Injuries in Children and Young Adults

1996  Donald D. Trunkey MD

1995  Maurice J. Jurkiewicz MD | The American College of Surgeons: General Surgery and the Specialties